Wednesday, September 29, 2010


why do guys feel the project is asleep?
anyways heres the logo for our project tell me if u like it.

theres more to come stay tuned.........

Monday, September 27, 2010

sleep mode/Acculity

Hi guys

It has been a long time since our last post.Itqan's internet subscription has expired and school has started for most of us so the project is somewhat asleep.For now,the active members (as I have seen on skype) are me,leif(sound director) and lucas. I do have some features planning out but I can't reveal them too soon.I am not even sure they will be part of production since there is no active team member to discuss with but i could reveal our Acculity feature.

Acculities are special maps without any map types.Basicly,they are alien towns chosen for frentic players to train.They are like MMORPG towns since you can trade,buy weapons,armor and other props and socialize.You are probably thinking "Dam.Another game which destroys the actual face to face chat".Well,there will be some of that but this is Frentic, moderate chatting is not frentic.Now talking with guns and explodies,thats frentic.

When you enter an Acculity,you will be given a special badge.If you activate the badge,you can see other frentic players with the activated badges.Those are the people who you can "socialize". Socializing is different from deathmatches as there are better rewards like more credits,better stats(kills,levels etc.),better drops(items you may receive apon defeating an opponent) and you spawn at the same place you died.

In the meantime,Other frentics without activated badgesand locals(AIs) are either busy with plain talk or they are buying stuff while people jump over their heads lunging plasma(the weapons and projectiles are holograms by the way.we don't want any accidents outside the tournament).Speaking of locals,some Acculities like Harres have hostile locals like wild tregars.In those maps,you might even uncover some cinematics and have your own little adventure.

The Acculity could also be a place for your guild bases,rooms to house you and your teammates which you can customize with furniture(including a plasma tv to view youtube videos).The town even has its own theater.I may even toss in an arena Acculity for special events.There are lots of things you can do at Acculities.

This is just one of the features i had thought about and there are others which i will tell you later.Guess what feature i am going to tell you next.I'll give you a hint-meow.