Wednesday, December 29, 2010


   Remember the times when people go out to hunt ghosts, werewolves, chimeras and dragons? Ahh, those were the days. Now,everything revolves around aliens. Seriously, aliens...aliens...aliens!!!!!! Does anyone ever remember the native supernatural creatures anymore?

  Sometimes, I think that the UFO fanatics want 2012 to come soon so that the president is forced to bring everyone to that planet they found which looks a lot like earth. It's kinda ridicules because since it looks like earth, how is it more exciting than earth?

  Even now, a group called SETI claims that they saw UFOs coming to earth in 2012. Probably a lie. Everyone knows that at the end of the world(which doesn't necessary fall on 2012), cats will gain superior intelligence and will enslave humans all around the world while having a civil war with dogs.

BTW, the reason that I have been absent from Skype is because I ran out of ram in the middle of November :(
I'll try to buy a new computer but that may take a while.