about Frentic

This page is where we place statistical data  related to the project (nope this isn't a survey ;-) ) :-


  In the near future,man has has reach beyond the final frontier.With the invention of Space Wrap,mankind can now travel beyond our solar system to explore the galaxy.A year later,three colonies have been created to help the earth with the population.

  They never expect that aliens in a galactic war would stumble upon the newly developed colony while finding another planet to set up their base.Even more surprising,one of the enemies that they are fighting are located 2 planets away.

  A group of Yumas were sent to Alione to investigate their "new neighbor" and find out their relationship with the Hogas.The Hogas were not very faithful to the humans and so are the Yumas.

  It took a month to form the colony and it took an hour for them to destroy it.When the other aliens in the war discovered about a race with technology that were mere toys in comparison,they took the opportunity to conquer them.

  One colony was left.The aliens doesn't seem to know the location of earth thanks to the faithful ORBIT but it is only a matter of time before they do.ORBIT sent an order to Harres to abandon the planet at once and leave no traces of their presence behind.However,the aliens found them too early but they had only done a Third of their work by destroying the structures and ORBIT had done another Third by erasing the location of the earth from the systems.The last Third which was to evacuate all surviving humans were left undone. 

  The last humans of the colony are now participating in the intergalactic tournament the aliens have formed to stop the war.They had hope that the tournament will give them enough money and knowledge to return to earth while the rest hope to live a new life...As Frentics.

...And so the Tournament Frentic begins.

Map types
  1. Deathmatch :- Pretty much self explanatory.
  2. Team Deathmatch :- Enjoy Killing with friends in teams.
  3. Capture The Flag :- Also does not need any explanation.
  4. Kill the Monster :- Team type map, the team which kills the unarmed monster of other team first wins.
  5. Survival :- Grab some friends (or enemies) and battle unlimited waves of AI (and enemies) to see how long you will survive.
  6. Storm Front :- Fight alongside your friends to protect your base.(or destroy the the enemy's)
  7. Quake Gardens :- The most amazing map type.In this map type,players can use the static weapons with infinite bullets,vehicles including hummers,tanks,space ships and hackable auto machine guns which fire on sight excluding the hacker itself.

  1. Levels

    Rewind - Get ready,gear up,accelerate,bang on some cars,reach first place,do it again.
    The Mounties - Grab your shotguns,we are going Wabbit hunting.
    Paradise Falls - It's paradise if you love 1,000,000 kilometers of falling.
    Wendy - Get your pail of water,the witch is coming to town.
    Casper - He's friendly as long as he keeps those missiles to himself.
    Gladiator - It's more modern than you think.
    Round Up - I'm getting dizzy.
    Evil Factory - They make rick roll videos.
    Harres - It's not a base,it's an entire planet!

  2. Weapons

    Energy Rifle - an auto which increases the ROF as you hold the trigger.
    Pulse Rifle - explosive lasers.
    Gravity Rifle - uses the enemy's against them.
    Spike Rifle - fires spikes that explodes into smaller spikes.
    Shotgun - the classic pump action lives!!!!!!
    Lance launcher - fires a lance then reels in(or get reeled by) the target.
    Claymore Launcher - fires claymores.
    Javelin - the 21st century weapon used to destroy tanks.
    Plasma Spitter - fires hot liquid that explodes and expands.
    Austier Hammer - It punches in a wave through the ground,blowing your enemies away.
    EMP Charger - a mini EMP that is as strong as the duration of charge.
    Empty Gun - sucks in power and and uses it to heal/hurt people.
    Force Gun - suspends the enemy in the air for a short period of time then blast him to the wall.
    Energy Shields - reflects most projectiles but takes some time to recharge.
    Clock Grenade - release a semi-sphere that blocks and absorbs all light,sound and smell in it.
    Hole Grenade - attracts all matter and explodes.
    Flinch Grenade - a grenade used to send people flying rather than hurting them.

  3. Vehicles

    Talisan - a stingray like cargo ship with an energy turrets and pulse shells.
    Gravity Board - an upgrade of earth's hover board with the ability to hover upside down and sideways and can climb walls.
    Revolsphere - a motorcycle with a sphere like wheel with energy turrets.
    Silken - a jellyfish like pickup ship.
    E-Bound - a jeep with the ability to attach matter to itself.
    Setric - a jet with a gravity beam.
    Vaterossal - a tank with pulse shells and EMPs.

  4. Props

    Control Room
    Cell Barriers
    EMP Generator
    Pulse Turrets

  5. Features

    Hologram - How many games do you know that lets you play in eye popping 3D!!!
    Environment Editor - Want you and your teammates to respawn at a different spot or you want more items to appear at a certain spot?You can now do that with Environment Editor.(Don't try to use it to get a better advantage because there is a limit to where and how many of the items you have in the map)
    Microphone Chat - Got mic and you don't know what to do with it.well,you can now have voice chats with your friends.No more typing for you.(This feature has a radio block which mutes certain player's microphones or all of em)
    Martinsh cam - This feature allows you to record your games in first person,in another guys first person and in free cam.