Sunday, November 28, 2010


well heres the model for the first alien, tell me what you think, i know it wasnt strictly my job to model them but since i didnt see any models coming along i thought id make some, this guy is 756 polys, the sking is all normal maps. tell me what you guys i could improve it... etc

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The true purpose of online Shooters

Okay after much waiting, our glorious leader is still absent from the project. I don't blame him since he doees not have the best Internet Service Provider around and he seems to have some issues with his to this very day(course,there is exams,schools etc.). Though I realised that the only thing he is absent from is Skype and he is still able to update the blog so I was hoping that this post will trigger another post explaining his absence from the discussions.

So I had been hearing a lot of things about wars and hatred(though they mostly come from the popular anime,Naruto shippuden) and frankly,I was quite sick of it. They just keep pouring on and on about it without a moment consideration of the beauty of the world.

A coin has two sides. Also, I have to agree that there are much bloodshed and corrupted governments but don't you think that today is better than yesterday? I had never heard about democracy, free women(no not free,I mean free...oh wait...mind you |-( ), anti-slavery, second chances for prisoners and more.

That is when I realised the value of online gaming,moreover FPS.The same people I mentioned up there(the trollers spamming off-topic comments on youtube videos like halo,machinimas etc.) detest online FPS games because of how they drive people to war,how they mock real soldiers and teach the wrong values and...other...words...(trolling as usual) but I have a different opinion on these games.

The creators rarely mention the purpose of creating these games, maybe because it is obviously something you could do to get some excitement without actually entering the battlefield and experience some pain on the way or to educate the public(or something like that) but it is more than that.

Unlike a war which drives soldiers to fight with hated, a mindless thirst for blood or because they have no choice(more specifically, it's a better choice to fight than to surrender and face cruel dictatorship), FPS games attracts people simply out of competitive...ness.In other words,It is basically a sport.

People are rarely forced to play modern warfare-they choose to play it themselves. No matter how extreme halo's gameplay is, the blood is not real and thus, becomes unsatisfying for the actual blood-thirsty killers. As for hatred, it is an emotion that is found in every aspect but in really small amounts in counter strike compared to the ones who are ready to kill for real,wrath.

As I was saying, online first-person shooters games are essentially a sport. Normal players fight for fun, some for glory. Champions will try hard to defend their title and those without good sportsmanship will hack,just like how real life people cheat with muscle enhancing drugs. Finally,there are those people who fight to get their mind of their problems.

These are the characteristics of the people who take part in a sport. Course, they are not in the same amounts and are not completely the same like addiction. People may become so addicted, they cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy and kill in real life to increase their kill/death ratio but that is insanity which is why they always ended up in a hospital instead of a death warrant right away in court.

Addiction-we have to fix that in our game.Maybe we can actually turn it into an actual sport?Like a Nintendo Wii but more real sport? After all,in the storyline,Frentic is suppose to be a tournament to stop intergalactic warfare.