Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Game Map Types

  1. Deathmatch :- Pretty much self explanatory.
  2. Team Deathmatch :- Enjoy Killing with friends in teams.
  3. Capture The Flag :- Also does not need any explanation.
  4. Kill the Monster :- Team type map, the team which kills the unarmed monster of other team first wins.
  5. Survival :-Grab some friends (or enemies) and battle unlimited waves of AI (and enemies) to see how long you will survive.
  6. Storm Front :-Fight alongside your friends to protect your base(or destroy the the enemy's)
  7. Quake Gardens :- the most amazing map type.In this map type,players can use the static weapons with infinite bullets,vehicles like a hummer and tanks and space ships and hackable auto machine guns which fire on every one except the one who hacks it.

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