Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project Team and status

  1. Didik Wijaya [Weapon modelling and texturing]
  2. Casirtud [Weapon modelling]
  3. Leifdk [Sound engineer]
  4. Archer_1[Weapon modelling]
  5. AncientGreek [Character modelling]
  6. Mohd.Itqan Ullah [Weapon modelling & Level designing]
  7. Martinsh Upitis [GLSL Expert]
  8. gh123man [Level designing]
  9. Lucas [concept design and modelling]
  10. Aeres3006 [concept design]
  11. Saqe2 [level design and cool stuff]
  12. Mreenav Deka [props]
  13. JoseConseco [Character Modelling]


  1. hey leif here please read my messages on blender artist or maybe grab me on blenders irc under name composer 4fun

  2. hi i would like to be a member of the project, i would like to contact you by mail, but i dont know any email adress.
    Thanks in advanced :D

  3. cooooooool, can i join as a bit of concept art dude, and some 3D modelling? i
    like making lowpoly models :)