Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Radioactive Lemonade Has a Storyline!

Here the Games storyline :-

In the near future,man has has reach beyond the final frontier.With the invention of the space wrap,man can now travel beyond our solar system to explore the galaxy.A month later,three colonies have been created to help the earth with the population.

They never expect that aliens in a galaxtic war would stumble apon the newly developed Alien colony while finding another planet to set up their base.Even more surprising,one of the enemies that they are fighting are located 2 planets away.

A group of Yumas were sent to Alione to investigate their "new neighbor" and find out their relationship with the Hogas.The Hogas were not very faiteful to the humans and so are the Yumas.

It took a month to form the colony and it took an hour for them to destroy it.When the other aliens in the war discovered about a race with technology that are mere toys to them,they took the oppertunity to conquer them.

One colony was left.The aliens doesn't seem to know the location of earth thanks to the faithful ORBIT but it is only a matter of time before they do.ORBIT sent an order to Harres to abandon the planet at once and leave no traces of their presence behind.

However,the aliens found them too early.The aliens have done a quarter of their work by destroying the structures and ORBIT erase the location of the earth from the systems.

The last humans of the colony are now participating in the intergalaxtic tournament the aliens have formed to stop the war.They hope to get enough money and knowledge to return to earth.

Story By:- zekilk,archer or cyboryxmen

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